Estorilistas got together for lunch


Yellow was the color that predominated at the beginning of this afternoon in Laranjinha, where team and some supporters gathered for a moment of conviviality. Players and technical staff were invited to a special lunch where the ties between those working inside and outside the four lines were strengthened.

The place itself already represents a true “museum” with memories and details alluding to Estoril Praia, with past and present mixed in what is the history of the club. Before, during and after lunch there was time and space for autograph requests and photographs. To conclude with a golden key the group photograph and some songs in unison, with the start-of-the-season scream given in chorus and maximum tuning.

With regard to the work, the team fulfilled, before the conviviality, another training. For tomorrow a new test is scheduled, behind closed doors, at Estádio António Coimbra da Mota. It is recalled that the estorilistas have a scheduled debut for next Wednesday, against FC Porto.

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